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SUMO PHOTOS ANY MINUTE NOW. At Facebook/Sumofanpage We hope this will do for now.

Monday Meeting @theoldeyoungteahouse #fizzy #busy

Big stage. Big riffs. Big night for us tonight. Thank you #damagedinc

#newgirl is painting our new suggestions box. You can’t get much more rock and roll that a suggestions box

100 guitars. All come with 5 sets of pickups but no selecter switch - no idea how these are gonna sound guys #sumoboro

#Halloween costume idea for anyone with a fuller figure…? #turtlepower

Ever wanted to see #metallica without having to suffer seeing lars’ stupid face?! Well you can! Sumo this friday, midnight set from Metallica legends Damage Inc. plus three rooms of damn fine Djs!

One down… London sold out. Dont hang about Boro! Tickets available on / /

"Take these with you so you don’t forget to make us a poster". Thanks Empire! It’s 5’o clock somewhere.