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Sumo Blink Special. Fri 01 Aug X

Sumo Blink Special. Fri 01 Aug X

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Some clubs might take your eyes out… We’ll have your arms, your legs, and your watch. CHEERS. Jokes, £2 bar all night tomorrow yeah? Apple Bombs, Beers, Etc.

Correct! This fucking Friday!

This Friday yeah! Monacles, tiaras roulette and a players lounge!


Beer kegs, beer pong, the best fire breathers this side of the Atlantic and one pound drinks! Good fuckin’ Friday if you ask me

Allllll night long baby!

Got a fresh new Beer Pong table for next weeks antics! #goodfriday #nicecarpet

Fridays pictures are UP! Check our fb :)

This fucking Friday! Falling Red and Foundations live!